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Markets are open this summer. Expect changes to come for indoor winter markets.

See "Markets", for our schedule. We are re-stocking beef and expect to rejoin Drake Road Market starting August 15.

Stay safe, Be well, Enjoy your families. Blessings to All!

Meadow Maid Foods

Grass fed Beef is All about Pasture

...All about Health

For the Heart:

Cattle at our Wyoming family-run ranch live on pasture: born on pasture, raised on pasture, finished on pasture. Meadow Maid Foods beef is 100 % grass fed, grass finished.

From the Heart:

Our grass fed beef and vegetables are raised for flavor and health. Our family is committed to sustainable agriculture and quality food for our local region in Wyoming and Colorado.

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Markets and Schedule

Meadow Maid Foods attends Colorado and Wyoming Farmers Markets year-round to bring our natural vegetables and grass fed beef to our local region, from Fort Collins to Cheyenne to Torrington.


Getting Grass Fed Beef is just the first step in enjoying this healthful, natural food. Try our tasty recipes and enjoy our tender, tasty grass-fed beef with your family!

Cindy Mike and Mary Ridenour

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