Custom Beef Shares

1/4, 1/2, or Whole Beef
100% Grass Fed
2021 Share Orders are Closed
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HARVEST DATES 2021: July 26, Sept 20, Oct 18

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Five Easy Steps to Tasty, Convenient, Freezer Full of Beef!
  1. Choose your share. 1/4, 1/2, or whole.  See Pricing and Yields, below.
  2. Choose your Harvest Date. Select Harvest Date - July, Sept., or Oct.
  3. Pay your Deposit: No shopping cart: pay with check by mail, CC by phone, or PayPal invoice.
  4. Set Cutting Instructions. We'll help.
  5. When your Beef is Ready: Pay Balance Due, Pick Up at Steving Meats, and Enjoy!
To start the order or ask questions, please send us a message or call us.

(307) 534-2289

Thank You!


All pricing is by packaged weight, and Meadow Maid Foods pays standard processing fees.

NOTE: "Total" prices given below are estimates based on typical yields that are quoted.

Actual total price will be price per pound x actual yield (determined when beef is packaged). 

1/4 BEEF

$8.75 per pound

85 - 110 pounds

$200 Deposit

$740 - $960 total

1/2 BEEF

$8.25 per pound

170 - 220 pounds

$400 Deposit

$1400 - $1820 total

Whole BEEF

$8.00 per pound

340 - 440 pounds

$800 Deposit

$2720 - $3520 total


Or, Important Information to know Before you Order.

How do custom beef shares work?

You choose the portion of beef that you want (1/4, 1/2, or whole), and choose the harvest date that you want. Send us your request by phone or email. We will confirm availability. Then, you pay your deposit and give us your cutting instructions (we will help you with the cutting instructions). Now your order is complete. We deliver the animals to Steving Meats on the appointed harvest date. Your beef will be ready for you approximately two weeks after harvest. We will send you an email message with total pounds and amount due. You will pay us, pick up your beef at Steving, and enjoy the harvest!

How much freezer space do I need?

We recommend at least 1 cubic foot of freezer space for each 25 pounds of beef. It is always better to have too much space when you bring home the beef! for a 1/4 beef: plan about 4-5 cubic feet. for a 1/2 beef: plan about 8-10 cubic feet. for a whole beef: plan about 16-20 cubic feet. Use the extra space for ice cream!

How are beef shares processed, cut and wrapped?

Steving Meats, in Kersey, CO, processes all Meadow Maid Foods beef. Steving is a small, family-owned and operated, USDA-inspected processing facility. This is the cleanest processing facility that we have ever visited, and you may view their cutting floor from their office when you pick up your beef. All beef is dry aged for about 14 days, cut to your specifications, wrapped and vacuum sealed, and frozen to -20F. For more details on processing, see Cutting Instructions.

What is the cost of a Beef Share?

Each beef share is different, just as each animal is different. Your total final cost* is final packaged weight of beef times price per pound. Your deposit is part of your total final cost. See Current Beef Share Pricing. "Final packaged weight" means that you will only pay for the beef that you receive. No need for you to calculate hanging weight costs, the weight lost through the processing process, or processing fees. Meadow Maid Foods pays the cost of standard processing, which means that there are no additional costs to your beef. (*If you request sausages, hamburger patties, or certain other special processing, extra charges may be incurred, but we will tell you about those when we discuss your request.)

Why is there a non-refundable deposit on a beef share?

Your deposit reserves your harvest slot. Animals will not be slaughtered without paid deposits. Deposits are non-refundable, so please be sure that you want a share prior to paying your deposit.

What are Cutting Instructions? How do I do them?

Cutting Instructions tell the butcher how to cut and wrap your meat. Meadow Maid Foods has Standard Cutting Instructions for 1/4 beeves, and many of our customers use our standards as starting points for their 1/2 and whole beef orders. See our " Custom Beef Cutting Instructions" Page for details, and for our Standard Cutting Instructions. We will discuss your instructions and answer any questions that you may have about cutting.

What is the deadline for ordering Beef Shares?

We accept orders up to one week prior to each harvest date, or until all harvest slots are filled, whichever comes first.

May I Customize Cutting Instructions?

A 1/2 or whole beef order will be cut and wrapped to your specifications. Some customers choose one of our standard cutting options, or start there and make some changes. For a 1/4 share, you must choose one of our standard options. Why standardize for 1/4's? When you order a 1/4 share (aka split side), you are splitting a side of beef with another customer. You will be paired with another customer who chooses the same cutting option, and you will "split the side" of beef with them, thus the term "split side". The only change that may be made to the standard cutting instructions on a 1/4 beef is to add offal (bones, heart, liver, tongue, kidney, sweet breads, and/or oxtail). Offal is not included unless requested. If offal is requested, you will be charged only for the offal that you request.

How quickly must I pick up my beef once it is ready?

Freezer space at Steving Meats (indeed at any processing facility) is at a premium, so they request that you pick up your beef as soon as possible once it is ready for you. Steving Meats reserves the right to charge storage fees if you do not pick up your meat within two weeks of notification. Meadow Maid Foods, llc will NOT pay your storage fees for late pick-up. We realize that emergencies arise, so please contact us as soon as possible if you have a difficulty with pick up. Meadow Maid Foods, llc reserves the right to claim the beef and keep your deposit if you fail to pick up your order within one month of first notification that your beef is ready. Should Meadow Maid Foods, llc find it necessary to take this measure, at our sole discretion you forfeit all rights to the beef and your deposit and your right to order beef in the future.