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Custom Beef Shares

1/4, 1/2, or Whole Beef
100% Grass Fed
Now Accepting Orders for 2023 Shares
Click Here to View Beef Bundles and Beef by the Individual Cut Available Year Round

HARVEST 2023 Dates: July 31, Sept 18, Oct 16

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Easy Steps to a Tasty, Convenient, Freezer Full of Beef!
  • Choose your share. 1/4, 1/2, or whole.  See Pricing and Yields, below. Please note: starting 2022, all pricing and yields are based on HANGING WEIGHT.
  • Choose your Harvest Date. July 31, Sept 18, Oct 16.
  • Pay your Deposit: We will send a Square Invoice once order is processed. You may pay that invoice including convenience fee, or mail a check without added fee.
  • Set Cutting Instructions. See Cutting Instructions page. We'll help.
  • When your Beef is Ready: Pay Balance Due, Pick Up at Colorado Custom Meat Company (formerly Steving Meats), and Enjoy!
  • If this is your first time, we highly encourage you to read the FAQ's and answers, below.
To start the order or ask questions, please send us a message or call us.

(307) 534-2289

Thank You!


  • Prices Subject to Change but locked in once deposit is paid in full. To date, our 2023 pricing = 2022 pricing.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Starting in 2022, we have changed our pricing from "packaged weight" to "hanging weight" to make your price more equitable based on your cutting and offal choices. If you have any questions about this change, please call us at (307) 534-2289.

  • All pricing is by hanging weight. Meadow Maid Foods pays standard processing fees.

  • *Please note that hanging weight is 30-35% more weight than take-home, packaged weight, depending on individual animal and your cutting instruction choices.

  • **"Total" prices given below are estimates based on typical hanging weights.

  • Actual total price will be price per pound x actual hanging weight (determined when beef is slaughtered). 

1/4 BEEF

$6.50 / lb hanging wt

~120-190 lbs hanging wt

~80-130 lbs packaged wt*

$200 Deposit

~$1000 Average Total**

(range** ~$780 - $1235)

1/2 BEEF

$6.25 / lb hanging wt

~240-380 lbs hanging wt

~160-260 lbs packaged wt*

$400 Deposit

~$1900 Average Total**

(range** ~$1500 - $2375)

Whole BEEF

$6.00 / lb hanging wt

~480-740 lbs hanging wt

~320-500 lbs packaged wt

$800 Deposit

~$3500 Average Total**

(range** ~$2900 - $4000)


Or, Important Information to know Before you Order.

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