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Grass Born

100% Bred, Born, and Raised on Ridenour Ranch

Cattle Grazing in Winter.jpg
Grass Raised

On Pasture Year-Round

from Birth to Finish

Summer Grazing.jpg
Grass Finished

No Feedlots ~ No Sprays

No Growth Hormones


Custom Beef Shares

Available Seasonally

Beef is harvested only in summer and fall when pastures and animals are in peak condition, for the tastiest, most sustainable grass fed beef.

Beef by the Cut

Available All Year

Beef from our summer-fall harvest is frozen, vacuum-sealed to maintain quality and sold by the cut year-round for convenience to our customers.

Production Details

and Methods

We mean it when we say 100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished. No Feedlot, no added hormones, no pesticides or herbicides, no antibiotics, just pure beef on pure pasture.

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