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Grass Fed Beef & All Natural Vegetables
For the Heart, From the Heart
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For the Heart:  
Meadow Maid® Foods, LLC grass fed
beef is produced in harmony with

Cattle that produce our grass fed beef spend
their full lives on pasture; they are born on
pasture, raised on pasture, and are pasture
finished (also called grass finished). Their only
feed supplements are hay during the winter,
and minerals. Natural grass fed beef is heart
healthy beef, lean, well balanced in Omega 3
and Omega 6 fatty acids, and high in Vitamin E
and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid, an important
antioxidant). Learn more about our
grass fed beef and vegetables.
From the Heart:
Our grass fed beef and vegetables are
raised for maximum flavor and health
benefits by a family committed to
sustainable agriculture and good food.  

Meadow Maid® Foods, LLC grass fed beef is free
from pesticides, herbicides, added growth
hormones, added steroids, and antibiotics. All
our grass fed beef is processed at an owner-
operated, custom, USDA-inspected facility, and
vacuum-packaged to maintain quality. Our grass
fed beef is dry-aged for maximum steak
tenderness. Learn more about
our production
 We provide seasonal Custom
Grassfed Beef
 (whole, 1/2,
1/4) and
Individual Cuts to your family
Learn more about our
Vegetable Selections.
We take Our Pledge to You 
seriously. Read what
sustainable ranching and
farming means to us.
We share some Terrific
featuring our grassfed
beef and vegetables. Also
learn how to
use beef cuts.




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