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Recipes from the Ranch
and friends

Pictured at left: Italian Meatball Soup

    Grass-fed Beef Recipe Guides
Lots of great ideas and tips for using inexpensive cuts of grassfed beef, including links to recipes, below.

Cooking the perfect, juicy, grassfed steak

Flavor Rubs    and    Marinades  

    Grass-fed Beef Recipes
Tasty and easy to make from raw or left-over cooked liver.
This pâté freezes well, too.

The ultimate luxurious steak recipe.

This chili is just a bit more refined than the standard burger and pinto bean chili; great for company.

Quick, Nutritious, Delicious

A little bit of preparation time is required in advance, to marinate the beef. Then this is a very quick dish to
bring to completion, and can serve as a complete 1-dish meal.

This is a simple dish to make on a cold Sunday afternoon when you are home to check its progress occasionally
during game time-outs or between book chapters. Make a little extra, and you'll have an easy dinner later in
the week.

Use this marinade as a great flavor step on premium grassfed steaks such as ribeye or New York Strip, but
keep marinade time short (1-4 hours).

It takes about 7-10 days to cure corned beef, then 1 day to cook it, but your time is minimal - 30 minutes
total. And the results - you won’t ever want store-bought corned beef again!

This beef brisket recipe practially cooks itself.

You may use premium steaks such as Sirloin, Flank, or NY Strip to make fajitas, but this recipe uses a
wonderful tenderizing marinade that makes great use of economy cuts such as chuck, skirt, and round.
Marinate premium steaks 4-6 hours for flavor; marinate the economy steaks overnight to tenderize.

This delicious, easy-to-prepare soup may be made with canned tomatoes and frozen vegetables to speed
preparation. Serve with garlic bread and fresh green salad for a quick, satisfying meal.

Customers Toni and Rick Atkinson contributed this terrific recipe for an Italian twist on chuck roast. Simmer
your chuck roast in a delicious marinara all day. In the evening, cook some noodles, and you have a tasty
spaghetti dinner with savory chuck roast on the side.

These dishes are superb for summer-time outdoor entertaining. Marinate the beef and Kim chee overnight.
Steam brown rice and flash grill the beef just before serving.

When making meatballs, make a lot, bake in the oven, cool, and freeze.  I can make and cook 3-4 pounds of
meatballs in one hour.  The frozen, fully cooked meatballs can then be used to prepare quick, tasty meals.  

This dish is excellent with tortillas on the side, or use as a stuffing for burritos.

No-Fail Pot Roast  (for chuck, brisket, sirloin tip)

Several ideas for giving some new spice to a winter favorite

No-Fail Oven Roast (for tenderloin, rib roast, sirloin tip, rump, tri-tip)

This is a rich, slow-cooked braising recipe for chuck, top round or similar cut, combined with potatoes, sweet
potatoes, and hoisin sauce. You only need about 30 minutes in the morning to assemble ingredients, then let
it cook slowly all day.

Stir-fry is a great way to stretch meat, creating a quick, family meal that incorporates meat, vegetables, and
grains. Use round, chuck, skirt, flank or sirloin steak for a tender, tasty stir-fry. Marinate the beef a couple of
hours, or overnight, before cooking.

recipe from chef Linda Hoffman

Recipe provided by Linda Hoffman, Come Back to the Table. This is our FAVORITE recipe for skirt steak.

Swiss steak meets the Orient in this wonderful crock-pot recipe. Serve over brown rice, noodles, or spaghetti

The beginning of a great soup is great stock - for nutrition and flavor. Nutritious stocks are easy to make, and
they start with the lowest-cost cuts - bones. Broth can also be captured as a "side product" from another
recipe such as pot roast.

These little beef balls are traditionally served with other dim sum. They also make a nice addition to a
Chinese dinner, or served as an appetizer. We often make them for as a main course, served with steamed
rice and a vegetable stir-fry.

Recipes from our recent beef tasting event.

recipe from chef Linda Hoffman

This easy soup can be made in as little as 30 minutes, especially if you use pre-cooked grains or pasta.

This is a not-so-traditional version of a very fine, rich country French stew, using Meadow Maid Foods German
sausage and beef as the meats.


Love-me-tender Pork Recipes

Vegetable Recipes

This chili is quick and easy to prepare, using canned black beans.  

This is a delicious, quick breakfast dish that is suitable for brunch or dinner. Serve with fruit.

This easy soup can be made in as little as 30 minutes, especially if you use pre-cooked grains or pasta.
OPENutrition is a program for enhancing
sports performance through optimum
nutrition, including a diet of grassefd meats,
vegetables, and fat.
See a list of our recipes that meet the
OPENutrition dietary guidelines.
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