Price per pound is subject to change, but will be locked in with your paid deposit.
Yields and total costs vary, but are typically within the ranges given.
2017 Harvest Dates: July 25, September 22, October 20
Prices below are estimated Prices, based on typical yields.
Your Price per Pound
Packaged Weight*
Typical Yield
Estimated Total Price
Includes Deposit
1/4 beef
85 - 110
1/2 beef
170 - 220
whole beef
370 - 440
*Pricing is per pound by packaged weight after the beef is cut and wrapped, standard processing included. These
prices translate to approximately $4.25 - $4.60 per pound by hanging weight if you were to pay processing.
Order by phone or e-mail.
Your deposit is due with the order. Balance is due when beef is ready.
We accept payment by check, Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal. Please do not e-mail credit card information.

Phone:  (307) 534-2289       Mail Check to: Meadow Maid Foods, LLC, PO BOX 164, Yoder, WY   82244.
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Please read this page before ordering. If you have questions, please contact us.

Half and Whole Beef orders will be cut and wrapped to your specifications, or you may choose one of our standard options.
Quarter Beef cutting instructions are standardized to two options. See Processing.

Choose a Harvest Date (see table below) and choose one of the Processing options (or review cutting instructions with
us - 1/2 and whole beef only).
We work with Steving Meats abattoir, a family-owned and operated USDA-inspected facility
in Kersey, CO. Beef is ready for pick-up at Steving approximately 2-3 weeks after it is delivered to them for slaughter. We
will let you know when your beef is ready for you.

Deadline for Orders. Orders may be placed until harvest slots are full, or up to one week prior to the harvest date (see
dates in table below).

Please allow approximately one cubic foot of freezer space for each 25 pounds of beef.  For planning purposes, provide
at least 8 cubic feet to store a 1/2 beef, or 4 cubic feet for a 1/4 beef.

Picking up Your Beef. Please pick up your beef at Steving Meats in Kersey, CO, once you are informed that your beef is
ready. Please be sure to keep us informed if you have a difficulty with pick up. Steving Meats reserves the right to charge
storage fees if you do not pick up your meat within two weeks of notification. Meadow Maid Foods, llc will
not pay your
storage fees for late pick-up, nor refund your deposit for failure to pick up your order within one month of first notification.

For more information, contact us via email, or call (307) 534-2289.
100% Grass-fed Beef
Half, Quarter, or Whole Beef
Healthy, Grass fed Beef, Available Seasonally  
All Beef is 100% grass fed, and raised on Ridenour Ranch in Yoder, WY with no antibiotics,
no hormones, no grains, and no feedlot.

2017 Custom Beef Season is Over
Beef by the Cut is Available All Year
Order by e-mail or phone (307) 534-2289
Call (307) 534-2289
or e-mail us
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